Can Shih Tzus Get Jealous?(+Tips How To Stop/Avoid It)

Many people love their Shih Tzus, as they are sweet, adorable, loving, and energetic little dogs. Although they are popular, they have a few traits that require managing.

Although Shih Tzus are very friendly by nature, they can get jealous sometimes depending on their unique personality. Reward your dog each time it behaves in a friendly way towards other people and pets. You also need to socialize your dog with other pets and members of the family to stop or prevent this behavior.

However, with some training and making sure that your dog gets the attention it needs, you will be able to control it.

Do Shih Tzus Get Jealous of Other Dogs or People?

Shih Tzus get jealous of other dogs, people, and any other pet that gets your attention. It is important to establish an order in your house, with the alpha being the leader.

Shih Tzus are just the same as other dogs, and they are pack animals that understand the pack mentality.

In the pack, there is an alpha, and if the Shih Tzu doesn’t sense an alpha in its home, it will naturally assume that it is the leader.

By letting your Shih Tzu know that you are the alpha, it will more readily accept other people and dogs into your home. However, it might still be jealous when you pay attention to other people and pets.

Do Shih Tzus Get Along with Other Dogs?

Generally speaking, Shih Tzus get along with most other dogs, both large and small.

They are friendly dogs, and they are usually affectionate, extroverted, confident, and loving.

They are such social dogs that it is important to make sure that you give your Shih Tzu enough attention. If they don’t feel that you are giving them enough attention, they can bark at other dogs that get too close to you.

Shih Tzus will rarely attack other dogs, but other dogs might find them annoying.

They are bred to be companion dogs, so they will do what they can to be close to you, and they will often stand up for themselves if another dog snaps at them.

Which Breeds?

They get along best with other Shih Tzus, Maltese, Pomeranians, Italian greyhounds, Pekingese, Yorkies, and toy or miniature poodles.

Shih Tzus get along with most breeds of dog, but some are a better match than others.

Large, rough dogs can accidentally hurt the little Shih Tzu while playing.

You will want to choose a quieter breed if you choose a large dog, and most small breeds are fine.

How Do You Tell If a Shih Tzu Is Jealous of Another Dog?

If your Shih Tzu becomes jealous of another dog, you will notice certain behaviors.

Your dog is engaging in the behavior to get your attention. Take a look at the different ways that your Shih Tzu will let you know it is jealous.

1. Active and loud behavior

First, you might notice it barking, jumping, and even nipping at the other dog.

It may act protective of you as well. Sometimes they will stand near their food and water to guard them against the new dog.

Your Shih Tzu might push its way between the other dog and you, and it could even climb onto your lap. This is a definite sign that your Shih Tzu is jealous of it.

2. Disobedience

There are other behaviors as well, such as chewing furniture, going to the bathroom in the home, or even leaving the room.

You need to work on correcting some of these behaviors without giving in to the jealousy.

Make sure that you give your Shih Tzu plenty of attention, and it will realize that the other dog isn’t there to replace it.

How to Stop Shih Tzus From Being Jealous

If you notice that your Shih Tzu is jealous, there are different ways that you can address it.

1. Establish your leadership

First, you should make sure that your Shih Tzu knows that you are the one who is in charge. When your Shih Tzu knows that you are in charge, it is less likely to feel that its place is threatened.

You need to be firm with your dog when it comes to commands.

Reward it with treats when it behaves well, and don’t pay attention to your dog for a few minutes after it’s done something it wasn’t supposed to.

This way your dog will learn to listen to you.

2. Socialize it

If your Shih Tzu is jealous of a new pet or member of the family, you need to take time to socialize it.

Spend time interacting with your Shih Tzu and the new dog or person until the Shih Tzu realizes that it isn’t a threat. The important thing is to make sure that you never reward jealous behavior.

At the same time, never punish your dog if it did something wrong. It is your responsibility to explain how it should behave.

More likely than not, your dog is jealous because it worries that the new dog or person is going to get your attention.

3. Use behavior training 

You can also work on behavior training using rewards. You can encourage your Shih Tzu to do other things for rewards, and try to have a training session with the Shih Tzu and the source of its jealousy.

If it is a new dog, take them out for walks together, and let them start to bond. If it is a new baby, let your dog smell the blanket.

This helps the dog understand that the new baby will be living there too. By taking the time to reassure your Shih Tzu, you will help it feel more comfortable and less jealous.


More often than not, Shih Tzus are well-tempered loving dogs who enjoy the company of other people and dogs. But they might act out from time to time depending on their unique personality.

In this case, make sure to reward them when they behave in a friendly manner toward other people and dogs. Dog treats given at the right time can go a long way.

Make sure to also properly socialize your dog with other pets and members of the family.