Are Dingo Treats Safe For Dogs?(Not Really)+Safe Alternatives

We all want to know that we are offering the best possible choice for our pets when choosing a treat. Dog chew toys should be a fun way for our pets to stay occupied. If they can be tasty, nutritious, or have other health benefits then all the better.

So, are Dingo treats safe for dogs? The short answer here would be a no. It is best not to give your dog Dingo treats because there are so many questions about the materials used and the origin of the ingredients. Their mini bones could cause some damage and there are nicer, healthier options out there. 

 But, there is a lot of talk about Dingo treats and it is hard not to raise questions about their safety and suitability for our pets. So, are Dingo treats safe for our dogs? If not, why is that the case, and what should we get instead? 

Are Dingo Treats Safe For Dogs?  

The short answer here would be a no. However, there is the risk of generalizing and lumping all Dingo treats into one negative category. There are certainly issues with their rawhide mini bones, which are true with any rawhide product, and there are also some concerns about other treats and options in their line. It all comes down to the materials and origins of these treats. It is understandable if dog owners would want to steer clear of Dingo to stay on the safe side. So, let’s look at why that is.  

Which Dog Treats Are Dangerous? 

Before we take a closer look at the Dingo brand and whether or not they are safe, we need to look at the most dangerous types of dog treats around. There are actually lots of different types of treats out there that we shouldn’t feed to our dogs because of various health risks. They include: 

  • Real “human” food 
  • Real animal bones 
  • Rawhide  
  • Treats with sharp edges  
  • Treats that contain lots of artificial ingredients, like dyes and preservatives 
  • Treats that are high in sugars or artificial sweeteners 
  • Treat made in countries that have questionable food regulations  

It is always better to feed dogs dog-friendly treats than human food because of the nutritional content of human food. Table scraps could be full of salt and sugar. Some ingredients also have toxicity warnings. It is better to be safe than sorry and choose a dog treat with safer ingredients and low sugar and fat contents. Typically, this means meats and animal products from reliable sources and producers that work under US regulations.  

The problem is that a lot of questionable options fall through the cracks. For example, there is a lot of love among dog owners for cheap pieces of rawhide. But, these can be very tough, artificial structures glued together to create a bone shape. Some are also bleached white or coated with artificial colors, sweeteners, and preservatives. A tough piece of rawhide can be sharp and dangerous, with many dogs at risk of choking. Choking is also a risk with real bones, which can splinter when bitten.  

Are Dingo Mini Bones Safe? 

Unfortunately, Dingo mini bones contain a lot of these problematic factors, especially if you get the mini bones. Mini bones are sold as a delicious treat with hand-tied rawhide and real meat in the middle. The idea is that dogs chew through the hide and then enjoy the meat in the middle. However, there are the following concerns:  

  • This is still rawhide, which has the potential of a choking hazard and could cut a dog’s mouth 
  • Even though these are said to be hand-tied, there are concerns about measure used to keep their form 
  • There are also concerns about the dyes and preservatives used, as well as the sugar content 

Are There Any Other Issues With the Dingo Brand? 

In 2017, there was a recall notice from the FDA on a brand of Dingo dog chews. The batch was found to contain traces of Amantadine, which is an antiviral human drug. At the time, the level of the recall notice was low, with no major public announcement, because the PDA saw no major risk to life. However, many pet owners were horrified to learn of the contamination, and support for Dingo fell.  

Furthermore, there are some sites and listings that suggest that some Dingo products are made in China. Chinese dog food standards are much lower than those in the US, and this leads to risks of low-grade animal products, fillers, and other questionable additives. Dingo promotes a line of Made in US chews, so it is unclear if they are now partially or entirely based in the US. However, there are some red flags here.  

What Are The Safest Chew Treats For Dogs?  

The question now is what sort of treat should you get instead? Whatever you get, it has to be safe enough to chew on for long periods without any risk of the material breaking away and injuring the dog. Food-based chews need to be tasty too. So, you could consider the following options for your pet.  

  1.  A Kong toy with some dog-friendly food inside. Unless your dog has a powerful bite or is an aggressive chewer, most Kong toys should be fine. You can fill them with appropriate pastes for the dogs to lick at and they can have a lot of fun. Check out their range to find the best fit for your dog.  
  2.  Bully sticks are also popular because these softer tendon chews don’t have the same risk of splintering and have natural, safe ingredients. There is also the added benefit that some of these sticks can help with dental hygiene. 
  3.  Look out for local companies that make their own no-hide chew toys. There are sure to be some great producers keen to promote a safer option for your dog. 


Today we have covered pretty much everything you need to know about Dingo chew toys. Take your time to research brands in your area and don’t forget the old-favorite Kong toy. Ditch the rawhide products altogether for something a lot safer.