Is Ortho Home Defense Safe For Cats/Dogs?(Yes, But…)

Ortho Home Defense is an excellent product for killing bugs and insects from your home. Also, it isn’t toxic to the family members. But what about animals?

Is Ortho Home Defense safe for cats/dogs? Yes, it is completely safe. However, you need to keep the pets away while spraying it. Once dry, they can enter the room. In general, the Ortho Home Defence spray dries out after 6-8 hours of application. You can also vent the room as an extra safety precaution. 

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Is Ortho Home Defense Toxic To Animals?

Overall, Ortho Home Defense isn’t toxic to animals. Also, it is pet-safe only when dry. However, different circumstances need to be addressed. The answer will be different for all these situations.

Whether or not Ortho Home Defense is toxic to animals depends on the situation. Did your pet drink it or lick the wall sprayed with Ortho Home Defense? Did it come into the room while you were spraying? Or did the pet only come after everything was dry?

Avoid the following situations from occurring, and your pet will be just fine:

  • Spraying on the animal

The animal should not be present in the room when you’re spraying it. If you accidentally spray it directly on the animal, it may cause irritation on sensitive skin.

  • Licking the spray

In another case, the pet might lick the wall or floor as soon as you apply the Ortho Home Defense spray. As the spray will get into the mouth, you will see your pet drooling, or it might show other minor symptoms of sickness.

  • Ingesting a large amount

But, if the animal ingests a significant amount of Ortho Home Defense spray, it will prove toxic, and your pet’s health may suffer. Apart from throwing out excess saliva, the pet may also vomit.

If you notice any signs of illness, make sure to take it to the vet as soon as possible!

Is Ortho Home Defense Safe Forpets?

Is Home Defence Safe for Cats?

Yes, Ortho Home Defence is safe for all pets, including cats. But, as mentioned before, it is safe when dry. Licking the wet wall with spray or ingesting it will make the cat sick.

If you decide to spray your house to kill the insects and bugs, make sure to keep the cat away from the spray and the area of spraying as well. Once dried, your cat can go to the place and lick everything without any signs of sickness later.

Is Home Defence Safe for Dogs?

Yes, Home Defence is also safe for dogs. Although it can be harmful in some situations, the Ortho Home Defence spray won’t kill your dog. Just like the rule applies for cats, you should keep your dog away when spraying it around the house.

If the dog ingests too much of it, it will keep drooling around the house and may vomit to get rid of the harmful chemicals in the spray. In extreme cases, the chemicals can cause seizures in the dog, which is a medical emergency.

So, make sure to keep the spray bottle away from your dog. If it ingests too much spray, your dog can die. If the dog licks the dried area after spraying, it’s nothing to worry about. The spray won’t cause any health issues to your furry friend!

How Long After Spraying Home Defense Is It Safe for Pets?

In general, the Ortho Home Defence spray dries out after 6-8 hours of application. But, the drying time will differ for outside and inside treatments.

If you use the Ortho Home Defense spray inside the house, you can expect it to dry within 6 hours. However, after treating it outside, like the grass, it may take around 2-3 hours to dry.

As a general rule, you can check the surface yourself after 2-3 hours of spraying it. If it is completely dry, you can let your pets come into the area as well. But, don’t forget to wash your hands later!

How To Keep A Pet Safe While Using Home Defence?

It is essential to keep your pets safe while spraying the house with insect and bug killers. Although you can be present in the area, it doesn’t mean you can let your pet jump and walk there as well.

So, here are a few tips to keep a pet safe while using Home Defence.

  • Keep the pets away

If you’re spraying inside the house, keep the pets outside.

Similarly, you can keep them inside when spraying Home Defence in the garden.

  • Spray the house in two parts

Where will the pets go if you spray the inside and outside of the house at once? Of course, you need to give space to your pets to move. As the spray will take at least 6 hours to dry, your pet cannot stay confined to a small space.

So, a better idea is to first spray inside the house and leave your pets outside. You and your family members can also give them company and play with them until the spray dries.

Once dried, you can let the pets in and spray the outside. Then, make sure the pets don’t go outside until it dries, which can take 2-3 hours.

  • Limit access to the area

Our furry friends keep jumping around the house without knowing if they need to go to an area or not. The same will happen when spraying Ortho Home Defence, especially if you have an excited pet.

So, we recommend limiting access to the area by closing all the doors and windows and leaving no way for the pets to enter. Also, keep them closed until the spray dries.

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Final thoughts

Ortho Home Defence is only safe for dogs and cats when completely dry. So, you need to limit your pet’s access to the area after spraying it around the house.

If the dog or cat ingests Ortho Home Defence spray in a large quantity, you need to take it to the vet immediately due to the toxic effects it may pose. However, going to the place after the spray dries is fine.