How Tall/Deep Should A Rabbit Fence Be?(+Material Types)

If you have or are considering homing a rabbit, you probably want to make sure that they are safely contained in their fence, and if you are having problems with wild rabbits entering your yard, you may want to build a fence to keep them out! So how tall and deep should a rabbit fence be?

A rabbit fence should be between 30 and 36 inches tall, and it should be buried at least 6 and 8 inches deep (it can really be as deep as you’d like). The height of the fence will stop the rabbit from jumping out or getting in while burying it in the ground is essential to stop them from tunneling underneath.  

If you want to learn a little more about building a rabbit fence, including what materials they should be made of, exactly how tall and deep they should be, and of course, what to look out for when it comes to rabbits’ jumping and digging tendencies, then you have found the perfect article!

How High Should A Rabbit Fence Be?

As we have learned, a rabbit fence should be between 30-36 inches tall. However, it is incredibly important to note that your measurements should not be taken from the bottom of your fencing before you install it, but instead from the ground up.

We will soon discuss how deep to bury the bottom part of your fence and why, but just remember that there will be a substantial part of your material underground and the 30-36 inch recommendation is for visible fencing.

How High Can A Rabbit Jump Over A Fence?

Most rabbits cannot jump higher than two feet. Jackrabbits are the exception to the rule as they can easily jump between 5 and 10 feet, and even up to 20 if they are nervous!

So while there is no real way to keep a jackrabbit out of your yard, every other rabbit will not be able to surpass your 2.5-foot fence.

Can Rabbits Jump A 2 or 3 Foot Fence?

Rabbits cannot typically jump over a 2-foot fence, which means that 2.5 feet should be an ample height to keep your rabbit in or wild rabbits out.

However, when rabbits are scared, they can often jump higher than expected as a survival instinct. Even though a 2-foot fence may suffice, a 3-foot fence is certainly the safest option.

How Deep Should A Rabbit Fence Be?

While 6 to 8 inches is the minimum recommended depth for your rabbit fence, there really is no such thing as too deep. 

Not only will it create a more stable fence, but the deeper you bury your fence, the less likely it is that your rabbit will be able to tunnel out and escape, most likely without you even noticing!

Will Rabbits Dig Under A Fence?

The simple answer is yes, rabbits do dig under fences. Rabbits are avid diggers and tunnelers, as they like to create burrows and nests underground. 

So even if their plan was not initially to escape, they may find themselves on the other side of your fence much to your frustration.

How Deep Will Rabbits Dig To Get Under A Fence?

As we mentioned, the minimum recommended depth for a rabbit fence is 6 to 8 inches. 

However, if you really want to ensure no rabbits, even the best diggers, won’t be able to get under your fence, you will want to bury the fence about 12 inches down as some rabbits have been known to dig as far down as a foot!

If you have some chicken wire laying around the house and think it might be perfect for your rabbit fence, keep reading because we have some unfortunate news.

Can Rabbits Chew Through Chicken Wire?

Rabbits can, and most likely will, chew through chicken wire. 

While it may seem like a quick and cheap way to build an impenetrable fence, you will be seriously disappointed when you see rabbits either running free outside of their cage or hanging out in your yard uninvited.

Will 2-Inch Chicken Wire Keep Out Rabbits?

There is simply no chicken wire that will completely keep rabbits out, or in for that matter.  Even though it’s harder to work with, you will want to use a wire gauge that is much stronger than chicken wire, such as 14 or 16 gauge. 

If you continue to research on the matter, you will probably find some sites that say chicken wire will do the trick, but trust us, you will end up with rabbits everywhere except where you want them and you will end up having to make a new fence in no time.

What Material Should You Use to Build A Rabbit Fence?

Metal is certainly the best possible option for safely building a rabbit fence to keep rabbits both in or out. But not just any wire! You already know that chicken wire, no matter which size, is not a great option, so what should you use?

Well, we did mention that 14 or 16 gauge wiring is the best, and the woven wire should measure no more than 1 inch wide.

Final Thoughts

So how tall and deep should a rabbit fence be?  Well now you know, a rabbit fence should be at least 30 to 36 inches tall, and we recommend 36 inches.

Remember that the height should be measured from the ground itself, not from the base of the fence under the ground.

A rabbit fence should be buried underground, and it should reach a depth of 6 or 8 inches at the bare minimum, if you really don’t want rabbits digging under your fence, it can go as deep as 12 inches.

Happy fence building!