Can You Use Dawn Soap On Cats?(Yes, But …)

We all know that our cats don’t enjoy the bathing sessions that much, and when they have fleas, bathing them with the best shampoos becomes a necessity. We cannot just use any shampoo on our cat as it might provoke a reaction.

So, can you use Dawn soap on cats? Yes, Dawn soap is typically safe to use on cats, especially those with fleas. However, cats suffering from a skin allergy or having wounds should not be treated with Dawn dish soap. It’s always a better idea to use shampoos specially designed for cats.

Let’s get to know more about Dawn soaps and cats.

Can You Wash A Cat With Dish Soap?

Dish soaps are generally milder than other shampoos and detergents, which means that they are safe to use on cats. So, you can wash your cat with dish soap.

However, with so many different brands in the market using different formulations, the type of dish soap you’re using needs consideration.  

The dish soaps that use a mild formulation are best as they don’t provoke severe allergic reactions on the cat’s skin. People usually prefer Dawn dish soap because the formula is primarily designed for animals in emergencies.

So, it can match the pH level of the cat’s skin and prevent any severe allergic reaction or dryness on the skin that may cause discomfort to your cat.

Apart from that, you can use any other dish soap on your cat with mild ingredients in the formula and labeled non-toxic.

Is Dawn Dish Soap Safe For Cats?

Yes, Dawn dish soap is much better than other dish soaps when it comes to bathing or washing cats.

The soap was designed for wild animals in emergency situations, and the milder formulation makes it balance with the pH level of the cat. So, you are less likely to see an allergic reaction on your cat’s skin after using Dawn dish soap on it.

Although Dawn dish soap is safe for cats, we still recommend using cat-friendly shampoos to clean and bathe your cat as their formulation perfectly matches with the skin types of cats.

So, you should only use dish soaps as an alternative when the cat’s regular shampoo isn’t available. You can also use Dawn dish soap to wash your cat if it fell into a puddle and got muddy or greasy, as the formula can work better in removing stains compared to regular cat shampoos.

Which Dawn Is Safe For Cats?

The original and unscented version of the Dawn dish soap is considered safe for cats.

It is mild and contains no scents or fragrances. These fragrances are perhaps the primary cause of allergic reactions on the skin of cats, and as you won’t find them in the original Dawn dish soap, you can safely wash your cat with it.

Pros Of Dawn Soap For Cats

Besides being safe for cats, Dawn soap offers several benefits. Let’s discuss all of them.

It eliminates fleas

As fleas are a nightmare for owners because they quickly spread from their cat to around the house, owners often prefer using Dawn soap as a solution.

The formula of Dawn soap contains the special power of killing fleas. It gets into their exoskeleton and kills them. Many people also prefer Dawn soap over other flea medications because these medicines are strong and may leave side effects.

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Dawn soap is mild on cats

Unlike other shampoos and detergents that can irritate a cat’s skin, Dawn soap is exceptionally mild and stays gentle on your cat.

Other shampoos, including human shampoos, have a high pH level that doesn’t suit a cat’s skin type, resulting in dry and itchy skin.

However, the pH of Dawn dish soap ranges between 7.0 and 8.0, which is ideal for cats. Thus, you’re less likely to experience a severe allergic reaction on your cat’s skin after using Dawn dish soap.

Also, the original version of Dawn dish soap doesn’t have any fragrance or harsh chemicals. The shampoos and detergents with fragrances might seem to be good, but they won’t be suitable for all the cats. Thus, you should always opt for fragrance-free soaps as they remain gentle on your cat’s skin.

It removes tough stains of mud and grease

We all know the hassle of cleaning our cat after it has some fun playing in a puddle or greasy surface. The mud and grease stick to its fur, and no matter how many times we bathe it, the stains don’t always go away.

If such a situation happens with your cat too, always know that Dawn dish soap will come to the rescue.

The strong yet gentle formula used in the soap will efficiently remove the tough grease and mud stains from your cat’s fur, and it will look fresh and clean in no time!

Cons Of Dawn Soap For Cats

While Dawn dish soap is an excellent alternative to regular shampoos for cats, it still has cons.

It provides a temporary fix for fleas

Dawn dish soap is considered ideal for removing mud, grease, and fleas from a cat’s coat. It consists of a unique formula that makes the adult fleas drown and kill them.

While it gets rid of adult fleas pretty easily, we need to make sure that there are other life stages of fleas. The eggs of fleas will grow in a few days, and the fleas from the environment will again attack your cat, and you’ll have to get rid of them all over again.

However, it isn’t a bigger issue still, and you can completely get rid of the fleas after some time.

It isn’t good for long-term use

No matter how effective Dawn dish soap may seem, it isn’t the best idea to replace it with your cat’s regular shampoo and start using it instead.

Dawn dish soap is only preferred as an alternative and using it a few times to get rid of tough stains and grease from your cat’s fur.

But, make sure that you don’t use it too much and too often as it might cause some allergies or infections in some cats, depending on their coat type.

Will Dawn Help Get Rid Of Fleas On Cats?

Yes, Dawn dish soap is excellent to get rid of fleas from cats as it makes them drown to kill them.

You will see a considerable change as the fleas die in minutes and won’t come back too quickly.

How To Give Your Cat A Bath Using Dawn Soap?

You don’t have to put your entire cat in the basin to bathe it. Instead, bathing a cat using Dawn soap is a bit different.

  • Fill the basin with water and add a few squirts of Dawn soap into it.
  • Mix the water thoroughly to make it dissolve.
  • Dip the flea comb in the water and brush it on your cat.
  • Then, dip it again in the water to remove the fleas from the comb and transfer them into the soap mixture.
  • After getting rid of all the fleas, dry your cat with a towel. You don’t have to remove the Dawn soap from your cat.

Final Words

Dawn soap is an excellent alternative to regular cat shampoos, but it cannot replace them. Using it a few times to get rid of fleas and grease stains from your cat’s fur will do the job.

But, make sure you don’t use it on cats with a skin allergy as it will become harsh and provoke discomfort and itchiness.