How To Comfort A Newly Adopted Cat That Won’t Stop Meowing

When you adopt a cat, it’s an exciting experience. But for your new pet, the change in circumstance and environment can be intimidating.

Allow it adequate time to adjust and comfort it with a safe environment and a healthy presence. Make sure to give your cat enough time to get used to their new home. You can comfort your newly-adopted cat by maintaining a balance of interacting with it and giving it enough time to explore on its own. Tasty treats and a lot of stimulating toys will help greatly too.

Many cat owners can differentiate between a meow for attention or a meow that says, “I want something from you.” But it may be a little more challenging when you’ve just introduced a new feline into your home. Check out the list of the best organic cat treats on Amazon now!

Why Is A Newly Adopted Cat Meowing So Much? 

Cats are creatures of habit, so it can be pretty discombobulating for a newly-adopted cat when you change their schedule. The change of environment tends to be the most common reason for your cat to meow so much.

Provide your cat with plenty of physical and mental stimulation to combat this.

Encourage them to play and be active, particularly during their natural hunting hours at dawn and dusk.

There is one reason that cats meow: to get your attention. But this call for attention can stem from several needs.

They may be seeking a cuddle or some food, or they could be in pain or discomfort. Learning to differentiate between the different meows of your cat is the first step to meeting their needs.

As newborns, kittens use meows to vocalize and communicate their needs to their moms.

As they grow old, they start to communicate with felines using growling, yowling, or hissing. At this stage, meows become exclusive to their interactions with humans.

If you foster or adopt a cat from a previous owner, it’s possible that they trained their feline to talk a lot if they enjoyed the “conversation.”

Why Do Cats Meow?

All cats meow as a way to communicate with their owners. These meows can carry a range of meanings.

  • Cats meow as a way to greet their humans and other people. When you return from work, you can expect a meow from your cat to welcome you home.
  • If your cat is left alone for too long, it will start to meow to get attention.
  • When they’re hungry (this is a big one). A cat will always let you know when it’s hungry. If your feline starts meowing, it’s best to check their food first.
  • Indoor/outdoor cats will often meow when they want you to let them in or out of the house.

Is It Normal For An Adopted Cat To Keep Meowing?

If you’ve recently adopted a cat, you may notice excessive meowing as it settles into a new home. This is normal, especially for older cats who are likely to feel disoriented by the whole scenario.

Cats are sensitive creatures, so it’s normal for them to feel uneasy about settling into a new space.

Remember your first day at school – it was a whole new environment, with different rules and different people. And you got to go home at the end of that.

Your cat has to adjust to this being their new home. Give them some time and space when they need it. On the other hand, if they come to you for attention, cuddle them and let them know how much you care for them.

How Long Does It Take For An Adopted Cat To Adjust?

When a cat moves into a new home, it has to adjust to a whole new range of people, scents, and noises. They may present slightly odd or irregular behavior during this time, but give them a chance.

Let them get to know you and understand this new environment. In time, they’ll get used to their surroundings and become comfortable in their new home.

How long this will take is not an exact science. Not only are all cat breeds different, but there is a wide variety of unique personalities within each breed.

On average, though, you should see a change in your cat’s behavior within the first week or two. Providing them with equal amounts of loving care and their own space allows them to feel safe and adjust more quickly to their new surroundings.

Some cats may take a few weeks to a month, so be patient and remember that this is a big deal.

How To Get A New Cat To Stop Meowing And Comfort It?

When adopting a cat into a new home, it’s best to make the transition in small steps. Allowing a cat to get used to its new home gradually is one of the best ways to prevent your cat from feeling too frightened or intimidated.

Make sure that you provide enough food and stimulation for your feline and that they have a constant supply of fresh water and clean litter.

It’s good to observe your cat and keep track of when they do and don’t meow. Is it something in their new environment that makes them feel anxious? Do they have a favorite place to curl up and feel safe?

Observing your new cat allows you to get to know them better. In this way, you can better meet their needs and decrease meowing.

How Can I Tell If My Cat Is Happy?

If your newly adopted cat meows excessively, you may begin to worry that it’s unhappy. While your cat may be feeling a sense of trepidation, it’s not necessarily unhappy.

Look out for signs that signify happiness and contentment in your cat. Pay attention to when these behaviors occur and provide more of that stimulation where possible.

For example, if your cat seems happy during playtime, ensure you have at least two to three sessions a day to keep her entertained. Check out the list of the best cat toys on Amazon now!

Signs Of A Happy Cat

  • When a cat is happy, they take care of their appearance. A cat that spends time grooming itself is comfortable.
  • If your cat lies down with its paws tucked up, they are relaxed. When a cat’s paws are flat on the ground, they are ready to move at any moment. But when they tuck their paws up, they’re happy to stay where they are for the time being.
  • A cat that engages in interactive play is happy. It might take a bit of time for you to bond with your cat and build trust, but playing games with them is a great way to get started.
  • Cats love food, and a happy appetite shows contentment. If your cat eats plenty of healthy food each day, they’re happy.

Final Thoughts

Moving home is a massive change in a cat’s life. This can be unsettling and scary for them, so you’ll need to be patient with them during this time and do everything you can to make them feel comfortable in their new home.