Where Can I Surrender My Cat For Free?(Best Variants)

There are times when, try as we might, we just can’t provide the best home for our beloved cat anymore. The best option could be to surrender the cat to a better home if it gives them the chance of a better future.

Where can you surrender your cat for free? You can 

  1. give your cat to friends or family members who are better able to care for them
  2. sign up with an adoption website to reach out to those searching for a cat
  3. give your cat over to a shelter

One worrying obstacle, however, is the cost involved. So, is it possible to surrender a cat for free, and what options are available for a quick and stress-free process?

Where Can I Surrender My Cat For Free?

It is possible to surrender a cat without it costing you anything. But, you have to be ready to research your options and still find the right choice for your cat’s needs. If the only option you have is to pay a fee for a shelter to take your cat then you will need to factor that cost into your budget. Talk to friends and family first to see if they will take the cat for free. You can also try setting up a free profile on a website. Just make sure to put your cat first.

Should I Surrender My Cat?

Surrendering a cat isn’t an easy decision to make and you do need to consider the situation carefully. If you are having trouble with your decision and any guilt related to the issue, you can read more here: should I surrender my cat?. There may be changes to your circumstances, such as financial difficulties or new living arrangements that now make it difficult to care for your cat in the way they deserve. Surrendering them could be the better option here and there are different options available for doing so.

Where To Take My Cat If I Can’t Keep It?

It is a good idea to look into all possible options when giving up a cat so you can be sure that they go to the best possible home, even if it is a temporary arrangement. Consider the following potential solutions and see which one is best for you.

  1. giving your cat to friends or family members who are better able to care for them
  2. signing up with an adoption website to reach out to those searching for a cat
  3. giving your cat over to a shelter.
  • The option of choosing friends or family members is appealing to a lot of cat owners because of familiarity. You know them well enough to be sure of their character and ability to care for a cat. They could provide a smooth transition between homes, so your cat isn’t in a shelter. You may even get to visit the cat often, maintaining that relationship.
  • Adoption websites are an interesting alternative as this can be a helpful portal between yourself and other cat lovers. You can post a profile for your cat and wait for responses. You get the final say on who adopts your cat and can meet with them before committing to the adoption. But, it could take some time for someone suitable to see your post.
  • The alternative is to take a cat directly to a shelter and let them take care of the adoption process. You will pass your cat over to a professional that will take good care of the cat in their facility while setting up potential adoptions. The downside here is that cats don’t get that quick move from home to home. The upside is that you can hand them over quickly in dire situations, such as severe money problems or deadlines from landlords.

Do You Have To Pay To Rehome A Cat?

This is an important question for anyone looking to surrender a cat due to financial difficulties. There are cases where shelters will charge you for giving up an animal. Some costs could be minimal, around $30 or so, while others may be closer to $100. This could be too high a cost, which is why you might consider a free adoption website or finding a home yourself. It is also worth remembering that some cat owners charge rehoming fees to make sure that new owners are serious and responsible. But, this could limit your options.

Can I Drop My Cat Off At A Shelter Or Is It Illegal?

It depends on what you mean by dropping them off. Shelters are an option if you are unable to make suitable arrangements through other channels. Just make sure to research the shelters in your area and get a better idea of how they run. Some places may have an open admissions policy where you can go and take your pet at a convenient time. Others may have an appointment process.

What you can’t do is just leave a cat somewhere without meeting with another person and signing all the necessary paperwork for the shelter. Make that appointment and do this responsibly. You need to tell the staff about your cat’s needs and be sure that they are in safe hands. Don’t leave them alone just to avoid the stress of dealing with the shelter staff.

Can You Surrender A Cat To PetSmart?

No. PetSmart and other pet stores will not take in animals and have no rehoming service. If you go into the store and attempt to do this, you will be turned away. By all means, ask people in PetSmart for advice on rehoming if you need someone to talk to, but don’t expect them to solve your problem, then and there, by taking your cat off your hands.


In short, you need to be careful when choosing how and where to surrender a cat. You need to be responsible when dealing with shelters and new owners directly. Talk to those close to you about the prospect of them taking the cat in for free or try an online adoption site. If these are ineffective or unsuitable, you may need to pay a fee and use a shelter. Consider your options carefully and always put the welfare of your cat first.