Why Are Your Cat’s Whiskers Curling?(5 Reasons)

Although cat whiskers are tiny and almost unnoticeable, they play an integral role in guiding the cat about its environment. This huge role often makes cat owners confused when they see a change in their cat’s whiskers, which is often curling.

So, why are your cat’s whiskers curling? Some cat breeds have longer whiskers, which naturally curl up. Other cats might have curled whiskers due to their advancing age. As cats like to rub the sides of their face against the wall or other objects, the whiskers might get pulled and become curly.

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Why Are Your Cat’s Whiskers Curling?

The curling of your cat’s whiskers may be associated with some habits as well as changes in the body due to age or being a different breed. As there are many reasons for the curling of a cat’s whiskers, let’s discuss all of them in detail.

1. Rubbing the face against things

Rubbing the face against the wall or furniture is a common habit of most cats, and is most likely to be the reason behind the curling of their whiskers too.

When we take a strand of our own hair, hold one side with the fingers, and stretch the other with the other hand, we see that that stretched part becomes curled up as we leave it.

The same happens with a cat’s whiskers. After all, they are also hair strands!

As cats rub their face against the wall or the furniture, the whiskers get pulled as well. The constant rubbing behavior puts repetitive pressure on the whiskers. If your cat does the same, you will notice the whiskers curling at the end.

The curling of the whiskers is also related to the amount of rubbing. While gentle and infrequent rubbing is no issue, the whiskers can start to curl if the cat rubs the head frequently against things with pressure.

2. Your cat has long whiskers

Some cats will have naturally longer whiskers than others. It is nothing to worry about as the whiskers will perform the same function in all cats alike.

If your cat has long whiskers, you will see them curling with time. As the cat ages, they might drop instead of staying straight.

You shouldn’t worry about this as the curling of long whiskers with time is natural in cats.

3. Your cat might have had a small accident

By a small accident, we mean that the cat might have come close to a hot surface or a burning candle, which might burn or curl the whiskers.

As cats have a high level of curiosity and want to get into things without knowing the results, they might have an accident.

If your cat’s whiskers suddenly curled without any reason, it may have faced a small accident. If it went near the candle or flame, you might notice slight burning marks as well, which will help determine the exact reason.

4. It’s all about the breed

Some cat breeds have naturally curled whiskers. Such cat breeds also have the same ancestor. Although you may not notice them when it’s a kitten, the whiskers might become curled as the cat grows.

5. Your cat is growing old

As we often see various physical changes in cats as they grow old, the curling of whiskers can be a sign of its aging as well. The whiskers might also become long as the cat grows and may curl up at the end. It is also because the whiskers become thin with the growing age.

The curling of whiskers is common in older cats and isn’t something you should worry about. In fact, it’s just a part of growing up!

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Is It Normal For Cats To Have Curly Whiskers?

As curly whiskers aren’t common in cats, owners might get concerned with their cat’s whiskers suddenly curling. But, don’t worry. It is normal for cats to have curly whiskers.

As we have discussed the reasons above, we see that none of the reasons will affect your cat’s health. While some cat breeds naturally have curly whiskers, others would get their whiskers curled at the end due to rubbing their face with the wall or other objects.

However, you should never make the whiskers curly yourself. If it happens by chance or due to the cat’s age or breed, it’s nothing to worry about. Check out the list of the best organic cat treats on Amazon now!

Are Cat’s Whiskers Supposed To Be Straight?

Cats generally have straight whiskers. But, some cat breeds also have their whiskers curled at the end.

The cat’s whiskers say a lot about its mood. If your cat has straight whiskers, it means it is calm and relaxed. However, whiskers flattened against the cheeks indicate fear.

If your cat doesn’t have straight whiskers, it’s okay because whiskers aren’t supposed to be straight in every cat. You should avoid pulling them or trying to make them straight any other way. As the whiskers play a significant role, it’s better not to mess with them.

What Breed Of Cat Has Curly Whiskers?

Some cat breeds have naturally curly hair and curly whiskers too. These are:

  • Selkirk Rex
  • Cornish Rex
  • Devon Rex
  • LaPerm

These breeds share a common ancestor, and that is the primary reason for them having curly whiskers. All of these cats have curly hair throughout the body, which means that the whiskers will be curly as well.

If you have a mix-breed cat, which was linked to a curly-whisker ancestor, your cat might also have naturally curly or wavy whiskers.

Final Words

The curling of your cat’s whiskers may be due to genetics or its advancing age. Also, some cats can get curly or wavy whiskers because they rub their face against the wall or the furniture. Whatever the reason may be, it is normal to have curly whiskers.

Whether your cat has curly or straight whiskers, it won’t interfere with the capability and the role the whiskers perform.

However, if your furry friend gets curly or wavy whiskers, don’t try to make them straight yourself or trim them.