Why Does Your Cat Hiss At Your Partner?(+How To Stop It)

So, your cat is hissing at your partner, and you are wondering why and if this is normal behavior?

Cats may hiss at your boyfriend/girlfriend for several reasons. The most likely of these is that cats are territorial and could feel threatened by them, or your cat could feel their routine has been disrupted. However, there are some steps you can take to build a relationship between your partner and your cat.

This article will investigate some of the reasons why your cat is hissing at your boyfriend or girlfriend, explore jealousy in cats, and give you possible solutions to the problem.

Why Does My Cat My Hiss At My Partner?

If your cat starts hissing at your boyfriend or girlfriend, it can be a pretty clear sign that they don’t like them, or something associated with them. But why do cats do this?

Cats Are Territorial Creatures

Cats are very territorial creatures who frequently engage in battles over encroachment. When your partner enters your home (your cat’s domain), your cat may perceive it as another creature invading their territory.

Your cat’s main objective becomes removing this unwelcome animal (your boyfriend/girlfriend) from their territory. Your cat may hiss, snarl, or even attack your partner as a result of this.

Cats Thrive When They Have A Routine

Your cat is its happiest when it has a predictable routine. Consequently, changes or disruptions to their patterns can cause significant distress and anxiety.

The change could be huge, such as relocating to a new home, or seemingly small, such as the new scents your boyfriend/girlfriend is bringing into your home.

Cats Prefer To Be Alone

Cats, unlike their canine relatives, are not pack animals. They seem to do better when they’re alone.

This is a natural element of their evolutionary set of instincts, and it guides the majority of their social behavior.

While they have been domesticated over time, their natural inclinations make it difficult for them to accept new species in their physical environment, whether they are other animals or humans.

Is My Cat Jealous of My Partner?

Your cat could be jealous of your boyfriend or girlfriend indeed and fear that he or she will take you away from them. Furthermore, your cat may be concerned that your partner may limit their time with you or perhaps kick them out of the family home.

Change is difficult for cats to accept. As a result, when fresh faces appear, they may become uneasy. We may think this is completely irrational, and it is in our world, but cats think differently.

But… your cat is probably not jealous of your partner.

While some cats may show jealousy when it comes to their favorite human, most hissing at your partner is simply a sign of uncertainty or anxiety.

Because your cat is a territorial creature, having someone unexpectedly spend time in the house can be quite frightening and distressing for him or her.

How Do I Get My Cat To Like My Partner?

Whether you have a new boyfriend, girlfriend, or a new spouse, the perfect life you envisioned together can quickly turn into a nightmare if your cat appears to despise the love of your life.

It’s difficult enough to navigate a new relationship without the cat hissing or growling at your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Before you consider rehoming the cat to please your loved one (or getting rid of the boyfriend to please your cat), here are a few pointers to get your cat to like your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Encourage Your Partner To Feed Your Cat As Often As Possible

When it comes to positive behavior reinforcement, food reigns king (for cats and humans alike).

Allow your partner to prepare the cat’s food as well as feed them whenever possible.

This not only promotes positive interactions between your spouse and your cat, but also establishes that your boyfriend or girlfriend is not a threat.

Give Your Cat Time To Get Familiar On Its Own Terms

Patience is the key to alleviating the stress that hissing causes. Forcing your cat to sit on your partner’s lap could be a dangerous mistake that could lead to aggression.

Cats are solitary creatures who require their own space. They also require time to adjust to changes in their surroundings (i.e. your partner being there more often).

Helping your cat grow accustomed to new smells is one approach to help ease your cat into the changes in his/her life.

You may have your partner carry around objects that smell like your cat. This can easily be accomplished by rubbing a clean sock against your pet’s cheek and then allowing your spouse to use it.

Do Not Punish Your Cat For Hissing At Your Partner

Your cat should not be punished for hissing at your partner. In the heat of the moment, it may seem like a natural thing to do, but it is unlikely to yield the desired consequences.

In fact, it may have a negative impact on your cat’s connection with you. Instead, be patient and praise your cat when it behaves in the way you want it to.

Use A Diffuser That Releases Pheromones

Animals communicate with the world around them through pheromones, which are natural signals.

Happy and harmony signals are two of the most common messages cats leave behind, both of which seek to boost a cat’s ease and contentment in their environment.

There are various items on the market that emit cat pheromones into the air, such as plug-in diffusers.

These diffusers target your cat’s anxiety and social discomfort by releasing pheromones that only your cat can detect.

These pheromones mimic the ones that your cat leaves behind naturally.

You could use one of these products in tandem with positive behavioral solutions, to calm your cat’s nerves and increase their comfort in their environment.

A Fairy Tale Ending Is Possible

Your cat may be hissing at your boyfriend/girlfriend because he or she is feeling threatened or anxious about changes in his/her environment and regular patterns.

Fortunately, there are strategies for fixing this problem and everyone living happily ever after.


Cats may hiss as a way to show dominance over another animal or person. Hissing is also used as a warning signal.

Cats may feel threatened by new people or animals in the home and may react by trying to assert their dominance. If your cat is hissing at your partner, it’s important to determine if there is any underlying reason for the behavior (fear, aggression, etc.).

If there is an issue, you will need to work with a veterinarian or qualified pet behaviorist to help resolve it. In most cases, cats simply need time to adjust to new people in the home and will eventually stop hissing.