Are Australian Shepherds Good With Cats/Dogs?

Undoubtedly, the loving personalities of Australian Shepherds have left many people impressed as they quickly bond with new families and children. However, being larger breed dogs, many people wonder if Aussies can go along well with cats and other dogs.

So, are Australian Shepherds good with cats/dogs? Yes. Australian Shepherds are intelligent and friendly, and they get along with both cats and dogs. However, that usually depends on the Aussie’s temperament. Even if it doesn’t like other dogs and cats, the Australian Shepherd will just ignore them. It’s also important to introduce your pets to each other the right way.

Now, let’s get into the details of Australian Shepherds bonding with cats and dogs and how we can make it a pleasant experience.

Do Australian Shepherds Like Cats?

According to an ancient belief, cats and dogs don’t like each other. But, every animal has a different nature, and just like some cats get along with dogs, some dogs are also good with cats. According to most Aussie owners, these dogs like cats and often play with them around the house.

But, it’s not necessary that your Australian Shepherd will also like other cats and bond with them. It all depends on your dog’s grooming and temperament.

While some Aussies will make friends with cats on the first meet, others will show aggression and might even attack the cat.

Do Australian Shepherds Like Dogs?

Luckily, many Australian Shepherds like dogs and bond well with other dogs in the house.

However, they are also possessive of their territory and have hunting instincts like all other dogs. So, they will definitely show aggression towards another dog they feel is a threat.

In general, Australian Shepherds like other dogs, and there are rare cases of them fighting with dogs. This is all due to their friendly and loving personality!

What Cat Breeds Get Along Best With Australian Shepherds?

If your Australian Shepherd likes cats, it will get along well with any cat regardless of the breed. While Australian Shepherds can become selective while choosing companion dogs, that’s not the case with cats.

But, if it doesn’t like cats at all, your Aussie will not get along well with any cat breed.

What Dog Breeds Get Along Best With Australian Shepherds?

If you want to get a companion for your Australian Shepherd, there will be no better companion than another Australian Shepherd. Usually, dogs of the opposite sex get along better, so you can consider getting a male or a female depending on the one you already have.

However, some other dog breeds that get along best with Australian Shepherds are:

  • Golden Retriever
  • Husky
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Boston Terrier
  • Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler)
  • Irish Setter
  • Border Collie
  • Beagle
  • Jack Russells
  • Corgi
  • Havanese

Although the dog breeds mentioned above are known for their friendly nature and traits similar to those of an Australian Shepherd, your Aussie can get along well with any dog, provided it has a friendly nature and is well-trained.

In general, any herding breed can make a great match with your Aussie due to the same energy levels and grooming.

How Do You Introduce An Australian Shepherd To A Cat?

If the introduction of the Australian Shepherd with the cat goes well, you can expect a good friendship between the two. But, the first thing is to introduce them the right way, and here are a few tips for doing so.

Make them familiar with each other’s scent

Making the dog and cat familiar with each other is also called “scent handshake”, and many owners use this technique when introducing new pets in the house.

Before making the pets see each other, a better idea is to familiarize them with another pet’s presence. You can do this by exchanging the blanket of the dog and cat. Upon smelling the blankets, they will instantly know that another pet is around.

In this way, they won’t show aggression or get shocked on seeing each other, but be curious.

Teach commands to your Aussie

Teaching commands to your Aussie like “stop” and “sit down” is essential because you’ll have to implement them in encounters.

Your Aussie is most likely to start barking and get aggressive on seeing a new cat, so these commands will help stop it.

Let them see each other from a distance

Now, it’s time to put an end to the dog’s curiosity and make it see its feline friend. But, you’ll need to make preparations for it.

Ideally, your Aussie should be leashed and in your control before making it see the cat. It’s also a better idea that you put a barrier between both to prevent any fight.

If your Aussie starts barking, you know what to do!

Put the cat in another room for a few days

Making the Australian Shepherd and the new cat live together immediately might not be the best choice.

However, you can do this if your Aussie behaves like a good boy in the introduction.

If the first impression didn’t go well, you should keep the cat confined to another place in the house with all the necessities. Also, make sure the Australian Shepherd cannot come to it.

Then, you can make them see each other daily, and gradually increase the time. Once the Aussie and the cat become comfortable, you can allow them to play while keeping a check.

How Do You Introduce An Australian Shepherd To A Dog?

Australian Shepherds are generally dog-friendly, and if the other dog doesn’t pose a threat, your Aussie will probably remain calm.

So, let’s discuss a few tips on how to introduce an Australian Shepherd to a dog.

Socialize your dog

Socializing your Australian Shepherd with family members and guests is essential to make it ready for every new encounter. If your Aussie sees a dog for the first time, it will become afraid.

So, a better idea is to take it out in dog parks and let it see other dogs before making it meet one.

Exercise them before meeting

As Australian Shepherds are energetic and active, they’ll get rid of this energy by attacking other dogs if you don’t make them exercise.

Likewise, exercising both dogs before meeting each other will make them tired. In this way, they won’t have any more energy to lose and will stay calm.

Keep them leashed and use commands

Now, when you make dogs see each other, it’s essential to keep them leashed. But, also give a chance to the dogs to come close and smell each other.

If your Aussie becomes aggressive, it’s time to use the commands and tell it to step back.

Encourage positive reinforcement

It’s important to tell your Aussie that the other dog isn’t a threat.

For this, you can pat your Australian Shepherd on the back while meeting the other dog and keep it relaxed. Rewarding it with treats is also a better option.

You can also let both the dogs play off-leash if they become friends, but make sure to keep a check on them.

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Final Words

Whether Australian Shepherds are good with dogs and cats will depend on their temperament. While some Aussies will ignore animals, others will quickly make friends with them.

If you also want your Aussie to get along well with cats and dogs, it is better to socialize it and pay attention to their introductory sessions.