Are Pup Cups Safe For Dogs?(+ Healthy Alternatives)

Have you seen dogs in Starbucks quickly licking all the pup cups as soon as they’re offered one? Well, that might put you into thinking about what’s so special about them. But, another thing that actually matters is, ‘’Are pup cups safe for dogs/puppies?”

Yes, pup cups are safe for dogs and puppies. But, too much dairy can cause health problems for your dog. Dogs love pup cups, but you’ll have to keep the intake to a limit. Don’t give it too often, and make sure the quantity is minimal since dogs don’t digest dairy easily.

Let’s get to know more about pup cups, their pros and cons, and some of their alternatives.

Is It OK To Give Your Dog/Puppy A Pup Cup?

Yes, you can give a pup cup to your dog. Pup cups are also safe for puppies.

However, there’s a limit to these dairy products as excess fat can lead to health problems. The quantity of the pup cup will also vary, depending on the age of your dog. Always make sure that you don’t feed pup cups to your dog often, and limit the quantity.

These pup cups are very tasty, and your dog will definitely lick it all in a few seconds and might even demand more! But, it won’t know how much of it is good, and that’s something you’ll decide.

Secondly, if your dog or puppy is suffering from a health issue, it’s better to avoid giving it pup cups. Dairy products aren’t suitable for certain health conditions, and it’s better to consult the vet before giving pup cups to your dog.

What Does A Pup Cup Have In It?

Pup cups might have different ingredients in them, depending on where you buy them from.

In general, a pup cup only contains whipped cream. As pup cups are made especially for dogs, they don’t have caffeine or tea in them.

However, some pup cups may come topped with a dog biscuit. You can also choose between different flavors, but it’s mostly recommended to stick to vanilla flavor if you have a picky eater.

So, most pup cups will have vanilla ice cream and whipped cream in them.

Pros Of Pup Cups

Dogs love pup cups, and luckily, they’re safe for them. Here are all the pros of giving pup cups to your dog.

Pup cups are the perfect treat for dogs

When you want to reward your furry friend for behaving like a good boy after shopping, pup cups can be the perfect treat at the end of a busy day.

While you enjoy your meal, your dog can have that delicious pup cup to feel relaxed after roaming around on the hot summer days.

They help in customer satisfaction

Businesses benefit a lot through the idea of pup cups. Customers find it cute when their pets are also offered some delicious treats to build up their energy. Dogs also love visiting such places again, which is definitely a plus point for businesses.

Dogs love them

Dogs, as well as puppies, love to have pup cups. Whenever you offer one to your dog, you’ll see it instantly licking all the whipped cream, leaving nothing behind!

So, even if you have a picky eater, it’s going to love the treat and will probably demand more of it!

Cons Of Pup Cups

While pup cups are safe for dogs, they have their cons as well, especially if you give too much of them to your dog.

They contain fat and sugar

As the primary ingredient of pup cups is whipped cream, we can say that they are high in fat and sugar. We already know that sugar can make your dog hyperactive, and fat can lead to obesity.

So, giving too many pup cups to your dog will eventually result in severe health issues. Even if your dog doesn’t show any side effects now, they can lead to health problems later in life.

Dogs can become addicted

When it comes to treats, we all know that our dogs become easily addicted due to their delicious taste. The same is the case with pup cups. Being a form of treats, pup cups can easily make your dog addicted, and it may lose its mind if you don’t give it any.

So, make sure you don’t give pup cups to your dog daily, and always give them in small quantities to avoid health issues later.

Which Places Offer A Pup Cup? 

You can find many restaurants that offer pup cups for dogs. Let’s find out who they are and how much they are.


Starbucks is already famous for its delicious drinks and beverages, and the ‘’Puppuccino’’ for dogs will make you love it even more. This secret item isn’t on the menu, but you can order it.

And you know what’s best? They are free!

Dairy Queen (DQ)

Dairy Queen (DQ) also offers pups cups for $1.39.

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts offers a pup cup to your dog every time you donate $1 to the Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation.


You can let them know that you have a dog with you when near the Sonic drive-in. They have a secret menu for dogs, which is mostly free.

What Are the Healthier Pup Cup Alternatives?

Here are some healthier alternatives to pup cups.

Coconut whipped cream

Coconut whipped cream is a dairy-free Puppuccino for dogs.

You can use the canned coconut milk because it’s thick and will make a great frosting.

Peanut butter

No-sugar peanut butter is an amazing addition to your dog treats. You can also use unsalted peanut butter, freeze it, and make a yummy treat.

Cantaloupe ice cream

The recipe involves blending the frozen cantaloupe with plain yogurt. Dogs really love it!

Final Words

Pup cups are generally safe for healthy dogs, but those suffering from health issues should avoid them. Instead, you can opt for healthier alternatives and keep the quantity limited.

While dogs will love pup cups, they do have their cons, and the health issues that come later will disturb your dog.