How Often Do Bulldogs Bark?(+How To Stop It)

While bulldogs seem to be a good choice for keeping as pets, their ferocious look often confuses most people, and they think they might have severe barking issues.

So, how often do bulldogs bark? Bulldogs don’t bark often unless they’re disturbed or startled by others. However, they produce loud noises due to snuffling, snoring, wheezing, and grunting, which can be irritating for others.

Let’s get to know about bulldogs barking in detail and how you can stop it.

Do Bulldogs Bark A Lot?

No, bulldogs don’t bark a lot. In fact, quite a few people categorize them as a silent dog breed.

They are also easy-going dogs and well-mannered. That’s why they learn things quickly.

However, they do make noises while snoring, wheezing, and snuffling, which feel much louder. That’s why most owners get irritated easily because of the loud noises.

However, that doesn’t mean you’ll never see a bulldog barking. Like other dogs, they only bark when they feel threatened, or someone startles them to do so.

Why Do English Bulldogs Bark?

As English bulldogs seldom bark, you’ll only see them barking when they find it necessary to do so.

They may bark at the door when they see a stranger coming in. Other than that, they only bark when someone else intimidates them. For example, someone might try to scare the bulldog or poke it to irritate it. The dog will not like this behavior, and it will bark to stop them.

On the other hand, like other dogs, English bulldogs also bark to show excitement or tell you that they’re hungry. After all, they cannot use words, and barking is the only way to communicate with others.

Why Is My English Bulldog Barking So Much?

As English bulldogs don’t bark a lot, excessive barking can be a sign of concern.

Here are all the reasons why English bulldogs bark so much.

Depression or anxiety

Depression and anxiety can make your dog aggressive, and it may lose its mind. However, some bulldogs also become silent and tend to stay alone when they’re suffering from stress.

Depending on the nature of your bulldog, you’ll see changes in its behavior, and excessive barking can be common.

Health issues

Health issues are more common in senior dogs, and you can notice them by the excessive barking of your English bulldog.

Any health condition will make your dog uncomfortable, and it will show aggression and excessive barking out of irritation.

It’s experiencing a threat

Sometimes, an unusual condition may awaken your bulldog’s defensive instincts, and it might start barking excessively to inform you about it.

If your dog starts barking daily, it might see a stranger at your house that feels like a threat to your dog.

So, whenever your bulldog starts barking suddenly, a better idea is to quickly check the windows and doors to check for any signs of danger.

It’s getting bored

English bulldogs like to stay mentally and physically stimulated. If you don’t exercise it often or play with it, your dog will get bored. It will bark to tell you that it wants to play with you.

If you keep ignoring your dog and don’t ensure regular exercise, it will eventually start barking excessively due to frustration.

Why Do Bulldogs Randomly Bark?

Bulldogs may randomly bark due to any of the reasons mentioned above. However, here are some other reasons why bulldogs randomly bark.

It’s getting provoked

As discussed earlier, bulldogs don’t bark until someone provokes them to do so.

Some kids in the family or neighborhood may tease or poke your dog. It will feel irritating to the dog, and it will bark upon seeing them every time.

So, if you hear your dog bark randomly, it may be because it’s seeing those people and barking to keep them away.

Protecting its territory

Although bulldogs seldom bark, they cannot stop themselves when it comes to protecting their territory.

Whenever your bulldog sees a stranger or another dog that feels a threat, it will start barking randomly to stop it from coming into its territory. Bulldogs have a territorial nature and like to show their superiority.

It might happen when a new family member is introduced, or your bulldog isn’t properly socialized.

It wants you to change the food

If your bulldog is a picky eater, the chances are that it doesn’t like the food you’re serving. So, it will bark to tell you that it wants a change in its diet. You will only see this kind of barking when you give food to your bulldog.

Why Is My Bulldog Puppy Barking At Me?

The bark of bulldog puppies is soft and may seem to be a pleasant sound to the ears of owners. But, if your bulldog puppy is barking at you, here are all the reasons behind it.

It wants attention

Puppies are playful and want to play and communicate with their owners. If you’re not giving enough time to it and your puppy is getting bored, it will bark while looking at you.

It indicates that your puppy wants your attention, and barking is a way of communicating for it.

It feels scared

Bulldog puppies aren’t socialized enough, and certain unusual things can make them scared. It might be the hustling of the leaves or the sounds of animals coming through the window at night.

Your puppy might get scared and come running to you to seek shelter and feel comfortable.


We all know that our puppies get really excited when they see us coming back from work.

While running towards you and barking while looking at you might seem confusing to owners, it’s just a way of expressing excitement for the puppy.

When your puppy becomes overly excited, it will not be able to control itself and might start jumping and barking upon seeing you back after a long day at work.

How Do I Get My Bulldog To Stop Barking?

Before the barking behavior of your dog becomes a habit and starts being intolerable to you, it’s necessary to stop it.

Here are all the methods you can follow to get your bulldog to stop barking.

Give it attention

Most dogs become frustrated and aggressive because they lack attention and are getting bored. If that’s the case with your bulldog, gentle cuddling and giving it attention are more than enough to melt its heart and stop the barking behavior.

Dogs crave the love of their owners, and when they know you’ll give them attention when they stop barking, they won’t bark again.

Socialize it

Bulldogs that aren’t socialized when young always fear meeting new people. Such dogs can easily get scared and see others as a threat to their territory. If you don’t socialize your dog enough, it will not be able to feel safe in front of new people. Instead, it will start barking at them.

Check if it’s getting teased

Some naughty kids in the family or neighborhood might be poking and teasing your dog out of fun, but this needs to be stopped.

It will not only make your dog aggressive but will make it hate all the kids and bark at them. So, make sure you keep checking if others are teasing your dog and stop them immediately.

Take it to a vet

If you cannot figure out the exact reason behind your bulldog barking, it might be suffering from an underlying health issue. Such problems are difficult to notice, and the lack of energy might be the only noticeable symptom.

So, it’s better to take your dog to the vet as soon as possible to prevent the condition from worsening.

Change its food

Picky eaters might start barking randomly when they’re hungry or don’t like the food. You can stop your dog from barking by changing its food and opting for a new flavor with better ingredients.

But, determining if your dog is barking only because it doesn’t like the food can be difficult. However, some signs like barking only when the food arrives and leaving it can make it easy to notice.

Look for signs of threat

Your bulldog’s barking may not be useless every time. It may have seen a strange thing that feels like a threat. If your bulldog suddenly starts barking, you should look around the house to check for any signs of suspicious activity.

Final Words

Bulldogs are calm and intelligent by nature, and that’s why sudden barking can be a matter of concern for owners. So, we have listed all the reasons that may cause your bulldog to bark and everything you can do to stop it.

Always remember that excessive barking is not good, and you need to stop it before it becomes a habit of your dog.