Is IKEA Dog Friendly?(+5 Essential Things To Know)

With their stores spread in different countries, IKEA is everyone’s favorite place to shop. Also, the long shopping hours may upset your dog at home, and you would want to take it with you.

But is IKEA dog-friendly? Dogs are not allowed in IKEA stores unless they are service dogs. Emotional support dogs and pet dogs aren’t allowed to go inside the stores. Having a Service Dog Certification while taking your service dog to IKEA is always the best option.

Now, let’s discuss more the pet policy in IKEA stores and whether you should take your furry friend there or not.

Is IKEA Dog Friendly?

1.Can I Bring My Dog To IKEA?

Every dog isn’t allowed in IKEA stores. It means that you can only take service dogs with you for shopping in IKEA stores. Whether you can bring your dog to IKEA or not also depends on the country and policy of the stores.

Some countries have realized that leaving dogs alone in the house isn’t the best option for owners. So, IKEA stores in Germany have introduced ‘’dog parks’’ just outside their stores with all the necessities to keep your dog engaged while you shop!

Also, if you take a service dog to any IKEA store, it should be leashed and well-behaved. You may even have to provide its certifications or any other document to ensure your dog doesn’t harm the people and things in the store.

All these policies by IKEA are only to provide a better and safe shopping experience to the customers.

2.What Is IKEA’s Official Dog Policy?

According to IKEA’s official dog policy, only service dogs are allowed in IKEA stores. Emotional support dogs and pet dogs aren’t allowed to go inside the stores.

However, this policy is different in different countries. In Switzerland, some IKEA stores allow you to take your dog inside, while other stores have a separate shaded area for the dogs to rest.

In light of this dog policy, we see that all countries do not follow the same policy. IKEA stores are trying to make it a pleasant shopping experience and provide convenience to their customers who bring dogs with them, and the dog parks are an example of it.

So, before you decide to take your pooch with you, don’t forget to check the official website or call the store to confirm their dog policy.

3.Are Service Dogs Allowed In IKEA?

Yes. In fact, IKEA only allows well-trained service dogs to come into their stores. Service dogs are the ones that are trained to perform specific tasks for people with any mental or physical disability. So, we don’t consider service dogs as pets.

All that they do is according to their owner’s instructions.

As emotional support dogs are also for relieving the stress and anxiety of the owners, people may confuse them with service dogs and take them to IKEA stores. But, service dogs and emotional support dogs are different, and the latter isn’t allowed in IKEA stores.

Also, if you take your service dog to an IKEA store, the serviceman may ask a few questions regarding the dog. They need to make sure the customers follow the rules. While some people may not like this thing, it is only to keep the environment of the store hygienic and safe.

4.Do You Need To Show Service Dog Documents In IKEA?

Having a Service Dog Certification while taking your service dog to IKEA is always the best option. Although it isn’t necessary, some stores may ask you to show service dog documents.

As the dog policies of IKEA stores vary across different countries, we cannot specify whether you’ll have to show service dog documents or not. Some stores might not ask for it, while others would have strict rules regarding the policy, and you may have to confirm that you have a service dog only.

So, another idea is to call the IKEA store you have to visit and ask for the policies. If the store shows leniency and doesn’t ask for any documents or certifications, you’re good to go!

5.Are Emotional Support Dogs Allowed In IKEA?

No, you cannot bring emotional support dogs to IKEA stores. Some people do have emotional support dogs and consider them the same as service dogs. These dogs aren’t recognized as service animals under ADA (Americans with Disability Act). This confusion always leaves them disappointed as these dogs aren’t allowed in IKEA stores.

As service dogs are only for the help of disable people while shopping, such dogs are allowed. But, the customers don’t need emotional support dogs to help them in shopping. So, they should be kept at home or in the car if you visit any IKEA store.

As the dog policies differ for IKEA stores across countries, only Switzerland IKEA stores allow dogs. You cannot take emotional support dogs in any other IKEA outlet.

Is IKEA Portland Dog-Friendly?

No. You cannot take your dog to IKEA Portland, and so, it isn’t a dog-friendly store.

Although Portland is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the world and almost every house has a pet, the IKEA stores there don’t allow pets to come inside. If you have a service dog, only then you can take it inside the store. Otherwise, you’ll have to leave it at home or make it wait in the car.

Are Dogs Allowed In IKEA Hyderabad?

No. All IKEA stores in Hyderabad only allow service dogs to enter the store. If you have a pet dog or emotional support dog, the staff won’t allow its entry.

So, a better idea is to leave your dog at home if you live in Hyderabad and want to visit an IKEA store.

Is IKEA Dartmouth Dog-Friendly?

As IKEA Dartmouth doesn’t allow dogs, we cannot call it a dog-friendly store.

The only exception is for service dogs, and they are allowed because of the law. As disabled people need assistance all the time, the dog can help them inside the store.

Is IKEA Dog-Friendly In The USA?

No. IKEA is not dog-friendly in the USA. You can only take service dogs with you. But, your service dog should be trained, well-mannered, and shouldn’t harm anything in the place.

Is IKEA Dog-Friendly In The UK?

You cannot take dogs with you to IKEA stores in the UK. But, all stores allow service dogs to enter. Some of them may also have an exception for small pooches that can stay inside a bag.

Is IKEA Dog-Friendly In Canada?

IKEA stores in Canada only allow service dogs to enter. All other pets and dogs aren’t allowed inside the stores due to safety.

Is IKEA Dog Friendly in Australia?

IKEA stores in Australia follow the same pet policy as that of Canada and the UK. Unless you have a service dog, pets cannot go inside the place.

Final Words

All IKEA stores follow a dog policy in which only service dogs are allowed inside the store. But, the regulations may vary across countries, and some might allow you to bring them. Others have introduced ‘’dog parks’’ where your pooch can rest while you shop!

So, if you want to take your dog to the nearest IKEA store, don’t forget to call them and ask about the dog policy!