Bill Gates Pets: Celebrity Furry Friends Unveiled

Everybody knows who Bill Gates is. His achievements are hard to overlook. He’s a co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, software developer, investor, author, and philanthropist. But not many people know that Bill, despite being busy, love the company of not just his family, but also his lovely furry friends. Today we will talk about the pets that Bill Gates has.

Does Bill Gates Have A Dog?

He does, indeed. Looks like Bill gates is a dog person afterall.

Previously he used to own a Shih Tzu. Its name was Ballmer, presumably in tribute to Steve Ballmer, ex-CEO of Microsoft.

At the moment Bill Gates has two dogs — Oreo and Nilla. You can see the picture of these lovely dogs here.

In one of his interviews for Reddit AMA, he said that he spends less time with the dogs than his children do, probably because of his busy schedule, but he still loves the dogs very much.

He noted jokingly that he prefers when Oreo and Nilla don’t bark at night or eat things that they are not supposed to eat. He also said that he prefers when they aren’t going to the bathroom inside the house. That makes total sense and every dog owner will agree on this one with Bill.

Looks like there were such instances that made Bill say that. Our dogs can be mischievous from time to time, but it won’t make us love them less.

At the end of the interview, Bill said that he resisted getting a third dog, which says a lot about how much he must enjoy their company.

What Breed Are Bill Gates Dogs?

Ballmer was a Shih Tzu.

Nilla is a poodle mix.

Oreo is a spaniel mix.

Does Bill Gates Have A Cat?

At the moment Bill Gates doesn’t appear to have a cat. But who knows what the future holds, maybe soon we will be editing this section to fit in one more furry friend of Bill’s.


Now you know all there is to know about the pets that Bill Gates has. It’s so nice to realize that he loves his dogs just the way we love ours. Hope he will get that third pup he resisted buying soon.