1 Winning Spot To Put Your Cat’s Litter Box In(+ Alternatives)

While many cat owners dislike the chore of having to clean out their cat’s litter box, there is no denying that these boxes are a good idea. It is nice that cats have somewhere they can go whenever they need to relieve themselves, and that they are typically pretty clean about it.

Where should I put my cat’s litter box? The box needs to be in a room where it isn’t going to get in the way or cause a health and safety issue. Kitchens and bedrooms aren’t ideal. Living rooms are OK with some climate control. The best place is the bathroom since it provides hygiene, easy access, and comfort for the cat.

The problem is that these litter boxes are still unattractive and smelly things that won’t suit all areas of the home. It also needs to be in a place that your cat is comfortable. So, where should you put your cat’s litter box?

Where Should I Put My Cat’s Litter Box?

You need to consider this issue from two perspectives. The first perspective is your own. The box needs to be in a room where it isn’t going to get in the way or cause a health and safety issue. Kitchens and bedrooms aren’t ideal. Living rooms are OK with some climate control. The second perspective is that of the cat. The box should be in a room that they use often and in a spot that is accessible but also private. A quiet corner in a well-frequented room is fine.

Where Do You Put A Litter Box In A Small House?

This is a difficult situation for any cat owner with a small apartment. It is fine if you have a big family home with additional rooms that you can adapt. It isn’t so easy in a one-bed apartment with a kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, and nowhere else. A bathroom would be the optimal choice for a small house. This is the most practical option for hygiene and access for the cat. It is important to consider your options carefully and think about where your cat would be most comfortable, but also where the litter box won’t be a hazard. Either way, they have to go somewhere.

Is It OK To Put A Litter Box In The Kitchen?

There are cat owners that will put their cat’s litter box in the kitchen, perhaps by the cat flap at the back door. This could be seen as the most convenient option as it is somewhere the cat knows well. However, you have to question whether or not this is a hygienic option. There is the risk that bacteria from the litter box will enter the room where you are preparing your meals and maybe eating them too. It all depends on where the box is, how often it is cleaned, the size of the kitchen, and the available ventilation.

Is It Bad To Have A Cat Litter Box In Your Bedroom?

This isn’t a great idea either because of the same risk of bacteria and the odor. Your bedroom is meant to be a place where you can relax at the end of the day and not have to think about stress or chores – such as cleaning out litter boxes. The lingering smell could be off-putting. Also, do you want to be intimate with your partner with a cat relieving itself in your peripheral vision? There is also the issue of providing constant access to the box.

Where Can I Hide A Litter Box? Is It Okay To Put A Litter Box In The Closet?

Hiding a litter box away sounds like the perfect solution if you are short of space. But, hiding it in a closet or utility cupboard isn’t ideal. For a start, there is the same issue of cleanliness and hygiene. Then there is the problem of access. Unless the door is open all the time and the shelf is in easy reach, your cat may not be able to use it. You could, however, hide a box under furniture or put a cover over it with enough room for access.

Why Is The Bathroom One Of The Better Places To Put A Litter Box?

The bathroom is one of the best places for your cat’s litter box because you don’t get so many of the same issues.

  • The bathroom is a cleaner environment where those sorts of smells aren’t as big a deal, especially if you put the cat toilet beside the human toilet. Bathrooms are easy to clean, especially with tiled floors.
  • It is also somewhere the cat is probably familiar with and not somewhere where the litter box will be in the way.

There might be some issues if you decide to have a long relaxing soak in the bath and have the litter box in the room. But, this is the most practical option for hygiene and access for the cat.

Choosing A Space With Enough Privacy And Comfort For The Cat

Whatever room you choose, you still need to be sure that your cat is happy with the choice. Cats like to have privacy when they go to the bathroom, which is why it helps them to have a space in the corner of a room away from the rest of the family. This is why living room litter boxes can be a problem unless they are hidden under furniture or you get a special enclosed box that looks like furniture. Enclosed boxes are popular with some cats but others don’t like them because they fear being attacked by unseen threats while they are vulnerable. You can try bringing a new enclosed litter box into the home to see what your cat makes of it. Give them time to make up their mind and keep the old box out until they are ready to switch.


In short, there are a few different options available to you depending on your home. Apartments with a lack of rooms are more of a problem, and you may end up having to put the litter box in your bathroom. Wherever you choose, it needs to be suitable for you and the cat with as few disadvantages as possible. So, take the time to watch your cat’s behavior after choosing a location and be prepared to relocate the box if they aren’t comfortable. If this means switching to an odor-controlled litter box in the bedroom, so be it.