Why Does My Cat Like Looking Out The Window?(+Tips)

Our cats often show some mysterious behaviors that feel perfectly fine but can become concerning overtime, and one of them is looking out of the window all day.

Most owners often ask, ‘’Why does my cat like looking out the window?’’ Cats like to explore the outside world, and that’s why they like looking out the window. When bored, they pass their time seeing different patterns of light and movements of humans and animals. However, it may also be that your cat wants fresh air, needs more stimulation, or waits for you to come home by staring at the window.

Now, let’s get into the details and know all the reasons for cats spending all day looking out the window.

Why Does My Cat Like Looking Out The Window?

Here are all the reasons why cats love to look out the window.

Why Does My Cat Like Looking Out The Window?

1. It wants to explore the world

If you have an indoor cat, it will love to explore the world from the comfort of your home. The same applies to lazy cats that don’t like going out.

However, all cats are curious to explore the world and want to keep looking out. So, what can be better than the window nearby?

If your cat doesn’t like going out most of the time, you’ll notice it looking out the window most of the day. While it may seem extraordinary to us, it is perfectly normal for cats and isn’t anything you should worry about.

It will just look out the window to see the animals passing by and the sky changing colors as the day passes from dawn to dusk. Exploring the world by looking out the window is good as it helps in visual stimulation.

On top of that, it is a perfect chance to stare at that annoying neighbor’s dog without any consequences.

2. Cats love to stare

It is a very distinguished feature typical for our cats. They all love a good stare. Some of them prefer doing it outside somewhere in the garden where they can also get some good action whereas the house cats simply look out of the window all the time because it is a good staring location. It’s as simple as that.

3. It is bored

Sometimes, cats only stare out of the window because they’re bored. You will see your cat spending almost 4-5 hours straight, only looking at animals that pass by or birds that fly.

If it doesn’t find anything to do in the house, it will get bored and look for things to do. At this point, looking out the window can be an amazing idea of passing the time and keeping itself occupied.

4. It wants fresh air

If your cat only goes to the window and looks out when you open it, it means that it likes fresh air and wants to feel the cool breeze that comes into the room as soon as you open the window.

The inside weather can become hot and humid when the doors and windows stay closed for long, especially if you’re out for work and your cat has been in the house all day.

So, when you come back and open the windows to let some fresh air in, your cat will immediately run to it to get some taste of the cool breeze and fresh air.

5. It wants the sun

Although cats often go to the window to get some fresh air, the case might be the opposite in other cases.

Your cat may run to the window to get some warmth from the sun, especially if you live in a cold area and don’t see the sun often. Whether the window is open or closed, the cat will sit and enjoy the slightly warm feeling from the sun while looking out the window and exploring the world.

6. Territorial marking

Although the window is a barrier between your cat and the animals outside, animals roaming around can still feel like a threat to your cat.

Whenever it sees other cats and dogs in the street through the window, it will awaken its defensive instincts, and your cat will stay at the window guarding your territory. It might also be followed by a grin on the face and aggressiveness to scare the other animals away.

7. It wants to greet you

If you see your cat looking out the window when you come back home from work, it may be because it’s excited to see you back and wants to greet you.

It mostly happens when your cat gets to the window every day before you arrive and becomes excited about seeing you at home. Cats like to spend time with their owners, and when they see them home, they get excited because the boring day has now ended, and their owners will play and pet them.

8. It is a part of the routine

Our cats have their routine just like we do. There is nothing to worry about, looking out of the window for your cat is like for us to go and watch our favorite Netflix show in the evening. If your cat seems happy with this routine, there is nothing to change.

But if your cat does this out of boredom and loneliness, it’s best to pay more attention to your cat and play with it more often.

Why Is My Cat Meowing While Looking Out The Window?

Some cats often meow while looking out the window, which is further followed by growling and aggression. Here are all the reasons for it.

Finding a mate

Female cats meow in heat because they want to call male cats to mate. When our female cats are in heat, we keep them inside the house to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

So, you’ll probably see your cat calling other male cats to mate by meowing while looking out the window.


Cats don’t like other cats and dogs interfering in their territory, and even if they’re inside the house and looking out the window, another animal passing by will result in territorial aggression. Your cat will meow while looking out the window to warn and scare the animal outside.

Is It Good For Cats To Look Out The Window?

Looking out the window is good for cats because it helps in visual stimulation, and cats also enjoy their own company this way. Instead of getting bored all day, they find a way of keeping themselves occupied without leaving the house or getting out of your sight.

So, even if your cat looks out the window for several hours straight, it’s nothing to worry about.

How Do I Keep My Cat From Looking Out The Window?

If you want to keep your cat from looking out the window due to window blinds or the risk of falling, here are a few tips for you!

Use a spray deterrent

Cats hate the smell of spray deterrents, and that’s why we use them to keep our cats away from specific places.

You can use vinegar as a deterrent and spray it on the window to keep your cat away from it. Using this technique for a few days will discourage the cat from visiting the window all day.

Distract it

If your cat looks out the window because it’s bored, you can distract it by providing play toys and using commands. Toys will keep it busy, and it won’t get enough time to look out the window.

Apply a double-sided tape

Applying double-sided tape is an easy trick to keep the cat away without affecting your window. You can apply it on the window sill. Whenever the cat comes and stands on the window, its feet will stick to the tape.

Your cat will feel uncomfortable due to the sticky tape and will stop coming to the window.

Keep it busy

Busy cats don’t get enough time to look out the window for hours at the end of the day. So, you can adopt this strategy to keep your cat from looking out the window.

Ensuring regular exercise can be an effective measure for this. However, it’s also a better idea to socialize your cat by taking it out often for a walk and making it meet other pets in your neighborhood.

This step will prevent your cat from meowing at other animals outside the house when it looks out the window and thinks of them as a threat.

Final Words

Cats love to look out the window, and you’ll probably see your cat sitting relaxed in front of the window and staring out for hours.

While this behavior might be a matter of concern for you, it’s totally normal for cats and is nothing to worry about. However, socialization and keeping your cat busy can help keep your cat from looking out the window.