How To Keep Cats Out Of Blinds?(5 Top Tips)

We all have window blinds in our homes, but when we have cats living with us too, the two don’t match much. The biggest concern of most cat owners is that their cat destroys the window blinds.

So, how to keep cats out of blinds? You can keep cats out of blinds by providing a distraction like chew toys or using double-sided tape on the window sill. Lavender plants and vinegar sprays work as excellent deterrents to keep cats away from window blinds.

Let’s get to know more about how you can keep cats out of window blinds.

How To Keep Cats Out Of Blinds?

Here are all the tips you can use to keep cats out of blinds.

1. Ignore your cat

Most cats can do anything to get your attention, and if you give attention to your cat on messing up with the drapes, it will adopt this habit.

So, if your cat has made it a source of attention, the best way of stopping this behavior is to ignore your cat. While the disturbing sound may irritate you, ignoring the cat and letting it do what it wants a few times will ultimately stop this behavior.

2. Offer distractions

When it comes to cats, chew toys and catnips are the biggest distractions. Your cat might be going to the window because it’s tired of getting bored. It will destroy the blind if it’s becoming a barrier between its outside view.

So, you can give chew toys and puzzles to your cat and distract it using these toys every time it goes to the window blind. Catnips are also an excellent option because they satisfy your cat’s climbing urge and give it an amazing time to spend on its own.

3. Use double-sided tape

Using double-sided tape is perhaps the best method to prevent cats from destroying blinds without causing harm to your blind.

All you have to do is to apply double-sided tape around the window sills. Whenever your cat comes to the blind, the tape will stick to its paws, which is an irritating feeling for cats.

Upon sticking its paws on the tape a few times, it will stop coming to the window.

4. Place lavender plants

Cats hate the smell of lavender. So, the best idea to keep cats away from blinds is to place lavender plants on the window. Whenever the cat comes to the window, the smell of lavender will keep it away, and your blinds will stay in a place untouched.

5. Tell your cat to stop

If your cat is properly trained and understands commands, you can use them to keep it away from the blind.

Whenever it comes to the window to mess with the blind, immediately stay ‘’stop’’ and reward your cat with a treat to let it know it has done a good job.

Then, you can also provide it with chew toys to keep it busy and occupied.

How Can I Protect My Blinds From My Cats?

Protecting blinds from cats is necessary to keep your house in good condition and save yourself from the hassle of going to the market to buy new blinds every other day.

While you can also use the methods mentioned above, here are some additional tips to protect your blinds from your cat.

Use spray deterrents

Most people also use spray deterrents to keep their pets away from certain areas, but this method can also become a bit irritating for owners. Vinegar is an excellent spray deterrent, and spraying it on the window blind will keep the cat away. But, the strong smell of vinegar often spreads around the room.

To cope with it, you can spray vinegar on the window blind and keep the window open for a while to let the smell out. As cats can easily smell vinegar, they immediately run away.

Raise the blinds

Another handy solution to protect your blinds from your cat is to raise them.

As you cannot keep the blind raised for the whole day, a better idea is to keep it raised for a short time during the day. Cats often go to the window and damage the blind because they want to see the outside world, and the blind is becoming a barrier.

So, make sure you fix the time for your cat to see outside, and raise the blinds during that time.

What Are The Best Types Of Window Blinds For Cat Owners?

As you cannot change your blind regularly just because your cat destroys it, a better idea is to switch to durable and portable ones. Here are the best types of window blinds for cat owners.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are always the first preference of cat owners, and adding these blinds to your window will definitely help in the long run.

Cordless vertical blinds are even better because the cat won’t play with the cord. As they part easily and aren’t fun to chew and bite, you’ll see your cat enjoying the view without eating the blind.

Adding more to the benefits, clawing will have no effect on sturdy vertical blinds.

Faux-wood blinds

Faux wood blinds are sturdy and look elegant on the windows. They also have larger slats so that your cat can easily see through them without damaging the blind.

As faux wood and solid wood are hard, the cat cannot eat or bite them.

Cordless blinds

Whenever you want to buy a cat-friendly blind, make sure you go with the cordless one. The cords hanging from the blind seem like a toy to cats, and they try to catch it, destroying the whole blind.

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Final Words

You can keep your cat out of your blinds by distracting it and offering play toys. However, cordless, vertical, and wooden blinds are always the best because they’re convenient for owners and pets alike.

While all the methods mentioned above can help you protect your blinds from your cat, if things don’t work out, you always have the option to switch to sturdy and durable blinds.