How To Keep Dogs Out Of Blinds?(5 Top Tips)

Those window blinds perfectly block the sunlight while letting some light in to brighten the room look good until your dog comes to chew them.

Do you want to know how to keep dogs out of blinds? You can raise the blind to let your dog see the outside world. If your dog chews the blinds, you can offer chew toys to satisfy its instincts. Ignoring the dog and using chew deterrent sprays will also work.

Let’s get to know some more methods for keeping dogs out of blinds.

How To Keep Dogs Out Of Blinds?

Here are all the steps you can follow to keep your dog out of the window blinds.

1. Provide chew toys

The biggest complaint of most owners is that their dog comes to the window blind, chews it, and deforms it, making the blind completely useless.

If that’s the case with you too, the best solution is to provide chew toys to your dog. Most dogs have a habit of chewing on things, and what can be more appealing than the soft and easy-to-bite blinds?

While you cannot completely stop this habit, especially if your dog is in the teething stage, a better idea is to give it chewing toys. Your dog will bite and chew those toys to satisfy its hunting instincts, which will, in turn, protect the blinds.

2. Give it attention

Most dogs also chew blinds because they’re suffering from separation anxiety or stress. If you’re not home most of the day because of your hectic work schedule, make sure you give some time to your furry friend to prevent anxiety and stress.

Making it exercise and taking it out for a walk will also work, and your dog will realize that it’s getting all of your attention as well.

3. Use pet-safe spray

If your dog likes going to the window blind and tearing it apart, another strategy to adopt is to use a pet-safe spray. You can easily buy one from the market.

These sprays have a strong smell that feels pungent to dogs, but humans can barely notice it. You can also use vinegar as a deterrent, but its smell can spread in the house.

When you spray it on the blind slats, your dog will immediately smell when it comes to the window and move back quickly.

4. Raise the blind

Like cats, dogs are curious to know about the outside world. That’s why they often go to the window and want to check on other animals and dogs passing by. The territorial instincts of dogs also encourage them to go to the window, and they will stay there to guard their territory and keep other animals away.

The best idea to adopt in this case is to raise the blind for some time during the day. You can also keep it slightly raised all day while leaving enough space to let your dog see the outside world.

As the blind is becoming a barrier and blocking the outside view, keeping it slightly raised will keep your dog from chewing and destroying the blind.

5. Ignore your dog

Some dogs bite the window blinds whenever you leave or come back home. They do this out of anxiety and aggression as they don’t want their owners to go.

To cope with this problem, you can ignore your dog for at least ten minutes after returning to the house. This step will make the dog realize that you don’t like this behavior, and it cannot get your attention by chewing and messing with the blinds.

If your dog only bites the blinds when you’re away, you can crate train it and keep it inside when you aren’t home.

How Can I Protect My Blinds From My Dog?

Here are some tips for protecting your blinds from your dog.

Remove the cords

The cords of blinds are dangerous for pets and kids alike. So, if you have pets in your house, a better idea is to remove the cords.

Dogs can easily get excited on seeing them, and the cord hanging from the blind will look like a toy to catch. So, to keep your dog safe and blind protected, a better idea is to remove the cord.

Invest in high-quality blinds

Some dogs have an urge to chew, and no matter how hard you try, your efforts will go in vain.

In such a case, the best choice left is to change the blinds and invest in high-quality ones that use robust materials. Instead of changing the blinds after a few days, it’s better to buy sturdy blinds at once and use them for years to come.

What Are The Best Types Of Window Blinds For Dog Owners?

As dog owners are tired of buying new blinds every other day, they look for solutions, and the best one is to invest in good-quality window blinds.

Here is a list of the best types of window blinds for dog owners.

Wooden blinds

Blinds made of wood are highly robust, and mostly, even aggressive chewers aren’t able to rip the wood apart. If wooden blinds seem like an expensive option, you can also opt for faux wood blinds.

Roller shades

While roller shades seem like an old-fashioned idea, they can be highly beneficial for dog owners. Apart from allowing an easy view to your dog, these shades also collect less pet hair compared to others.


The benefit of shutters is that they have large slats through which your dog can easily look at the outside world.

In this way, they won’t chew or damage the blind just because it’s becoming a barrier between their view.

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Final Words

While dogs chewing and messing with blinds is a concerning matter for all dog owners, dealing with it isn’t that difficult.

You can use the simple methods mentioned above to prevent your dog from damaging your blind. If things don’t go as you expect, you always have the option of replacing the blind with a better and high-quality one.